Brand communications specialist + copywriter based in Melbourne, VIC

I don’t just write copy. I unearth your businesses true value before crafting brand stories that inspire and engage the people that matter most to you.

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Phone 0429851432

Skype kezia.meskanen

I've collected 10 years experience - and counting - in the development of brand stories, positioning statements and internal/external communications (read: Copywriting) for myriad clients and projects.

Specialising in brand narratives, I believe that a prospective customer will decide whether to buy-in to a company based on its brand story. It makes sense then, to take brand messaging beyond the traditional 'you-buy-we-sell' principle. With a consistent and compelling brand narrative, employees become ambassadors, stakeholders promote the services/products and obtaining earned media becomes easier. Most importantly, a powerful message helps create a buzz within the desired industry and target audiences.